Patriot Energy Systems


Engineered For Energy Zero Net Carbon

Whether you seek to lessen your electricity bills, prepare for temporary grid blackouts or to gain complete freedom with regards to your power and energy needs, our systems will provide clean renewable energy.  Sourced from solar, wind, hydroelectrical as well as hydrocarbon power, our electrical generators will provide you with a large array of power and energy options.  Run completely Off-Grid or tap the grid just to top off your battery’s.  You won’t have to get on your roof or pound mounts into stationary placements.  Our unique mobile design provides unprecedented control over deployment location.

Our 15k Can even fit in the bed of a pickup!

The Future of transportable Solar is here! The 15k is engineered to fit in a flatbed or even the bed of a standard pickup! This makes the unit a fully transportable 15,000 watt generator!

Products and Add-Ons

Continuous Power. Any Time, anywhere.