Patriot Energy Systems


Patriot Chassis has engineered the most advanced air ride system. Our air shocks use our own patented technology to give you the ability to not only adjust your ride height but also vehicle spring progression and dynamic dampening. Our dampening piston is the most advanced dampening piston on the planet; up to 80% more flow than a standard piston of the same size and made of 7075 T6 high performance aluminum for strength and long life. With the optional progression chamber this package allows you to adjust the spring force on your vehicle from a coil spring response to a leaf spring response and beyond. With the 5000lb ride height capacity this overall performance package gives you the ability to do the impossible like hook up to a 40′ tow hauler in your Superduty then when you get to the dessert, unhook, adjust progression, and run the dessert like a Raptor.

"Always Badass, Never Half-Assed"