Patriot Energy Systems


110, 220, 208, single, dual or 3 phase you name it, we will provide it!

15,000 Watt. 48 Volt. Transportable!

Each unit can have up to 3 EMP hardened circuits (1 for AC and 2 for DC) the total amount of battery reserve will depend on the type of battery used and can range from 1500 Amp hours reserve to 3500 Amp hours. Our unit is the most powerful transportable solar generator money can buy. Paralleling units can provide power up to 225,000 watts of power. Systems can be permanently fixed to a concrete pad or remain transportable (delivered on a trailer). 

12 Volt. 3,000 Watt. Portable!

These 3,000 watt portables are for the out-doorsman, RV or boat. These systems come standard with one 12 volt 100 amp hour battery with the option to add several more batteries for additional energy storage. These systems come with one 100 watt panel with the option to add 3 more for total of 400 watts of charging power. Weight is determined by battery type.


Like No Other Chassis:

The Patriot Chassis has been engineered and designed from the ground up to be the most capable platform on the planet.

Standards & Commonality:

All of our accessories have been designed to be deployed across multiple platforms.


The ability to add on accessories and make improvements to your chassis is like nothing else on the market.

Easy Modifications

If you want to start with an LS based engine package and change to a Cummins diesel at a later date, you can simply call us for an updated set of engine and transmission mounting packages to make the swap.

Continuous Power. Any Time, anywhere.